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Polymer Development & Formulation Optimization

Our research and development with polymer chemistry and physics has led to numerous U.S. and international patents. Our polymer science is benefitting clients worldwide.

New Product Development


SS&SE optimizes the performance of manufacturing systems by identifying and developing new proceSS&ES for manufacture, as well as implementing process controls to ensure that quality products are manufactured in a reproducible manner.

We'll work with your research scientists to develop new ideas and scientific discoveries which can be used in the manufacture of new products or the improvement of existing ones. Our goal: improving the efficiency and profitability of your manufactured product.


Alternative Energy Projects

We find alternative energy solutions including converting commercial and residential properties to solar and making green decisions that make sense.

New Process Development

We research and develop ways to manufacture products and monitor existing proceSS&ES and products for quality and efficiency. Whether determining how to best produce a product on a large scale with standardized protocols, or setting up and supervising initial and ongoing production, we will find better ways to make improvements in scientific methods and technology. Reviewing and interpreting analytical test results and data is one of our specialties.

Consultative Services


We have extensive experience in consulting with national, state, and local government leaders to find, determine or produce effective solutions to the challenge of energy management. Our solutions make good sense to both the environment and the bottom line.

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